Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 6, North Country!

Headed up to BW north of Ketchum for Paulito's birthday. He turned one-hundred, amazing how much he still fishes. The truth of the story is, Paul was gracious enough to take me fishing on his birthday, but I won't let that little fact get in the way of a good story.

We started off early, and crested the high country right at sunrise. I made Paul pull over in the five degree weather so I could snap a couple photos, of my favorite subject, landscapes. To say it was cold, doesn't do justice to the winds that froze the insides of my nose, when I stepped outside to grab this high country sunrise pictured below.

A lone Barn and Tree out, long since used, was clouded in blowing snow, offering up a nice opportunity at a B&W pictued below.

Not soon after the photo left we found ourselves pulling into Ketchum and the surrounding area.

Stopping at a local shop, we asked for some directions and bought a few trinkets to support the cause. We must have looked like newbs, because the guy behind the counter asked us at least twice if we would like to hire him as a guide.

Ten minutes later, Paul and I pulled into a parking spot along side the river. After rigging up we hiked down and started poking around. I immediately spotted fish. Four flies and two re-rigs and we had our first Big Wood Bow. What these fish lack for in size, they make up for in spunk and pure beauty. I don't think I've every caught prettier bows anywhere.

As the day warmed, so did our fish, to the dry. Around what felt like, was lunch time, noses started to appear. First just a couple, then all over the river, the water was alive with rainbows sipping No-Seem-Me midges. Paul and I just laughed as we worked through our boxes row by row, until we found something they would eat.

An afternoon of midges on a world famous river, fishing dries in February, and not another sole around. A moment made by god for Paul and myself, a birthday wish of mine for him, come true.

We scouted the river a little more as the sun dipped towards the horizon. Snapped up a few remaining opportunities at noses and said goodbye to the river that we both now have fallen in love with. The Big Wood is long and has many more days in our future.

Day Seven to follow, Back to Oregon, and going home.

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