Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Days 10 through 14 2009, I think.

It's only March and I've already lost count. So my buddy Brad is flying in (at the oars above) tomorrow for a whirlwind tour of the southwest. Plan A was remote hike into a quiet sliver of water somewhere at the bottom of the GC.

Called the Back-country Permit folks today; four feet of snow pack on the north rim trail-head...... Ugh can anyone say, "PLAN-B".

Let me tell you something about Brad, he's down-right fishy. He thinks like a predator-fish, it's comical to see his impression of a Musky checking out a fly. He's got it nailed. Needless to say, Brad makes his living guiding Musky in Hayward WI on the Fly. He maybe the best Musky angler I've ever had the privilege to fish with.
His uncanny sense of how apex-predators behave and feed is truly unique. I've been looking forward to spending more time with him on the water for the last five months.

Although, Brad doesn't know it yet, I've made arrangements for boats, guides, and lodging at some of the Southwests finest fisheries. I'm truly hoping I don't disappoint him with the following;

Day 1 - Lee's Ferry.

Day 2 - San Juan River.

Day 3 - The Animas River.

Day 4 - (if time) swing through Apache Trout country on the way home, so he can knock one more rare fish off his list.

Reports to follow from the road. Hasta-La-Taco.

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