Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leg Dos, of the Southwest Whirlwind: The Ferry

We spent Thursday night at Marble Canyon Lodge and rose early Friday morning before the sun. Ate breakfast at the Gunn’s restaurant, fantastic as usual. Then we talked Ol’Ted into renting us one of the boats in repair -She was slow, but got us to the dam and back. I’ve lost count a long time ago how many times I’ve fished the Ferry. It never loses its luster for me. I don’t think a person can stand at the bottom and look up without awe. To say, “The Canyon calls to me,” would be a slight to the pull I feel from the Colorado below Glenn Canyon. The red-rock cliffs haunt me and blue life blood haunts me.

In the five hours or so we fished, we had a couple hookups. Not much to show for the day with respect to fish at our feet. As the shots came and went, I could tell Brad was being seduced by four-thousand foot cliffs, and the sheer vastness of our state’s treasure, Lee’s Ferry. The journey once again reclaimed its rightful place as lead dog for trip.

After we had spent some time enjoying the view, we pulled anchor and headed back downriver. I had one more ace up my sleeve for Brad, we were at the bottom looking up, but now it was time to go to the top and look down. More to come next post, as we continue our Southwest Whirlwind.


kdiddyb said...

Hey I was there that same night and had breakfast there as well friday morning. I took work clients and we hired guides. We fished all day and had lots of hook ups, but didn't land to hand a bunch. There was a little cold front that had moved back in the night before we were both there, or it would have been nuts. I bet with the heat this week the fishing is amazing. You live in Utah?

Aaron said...

AZ. Small world Huh. Special Place.