Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The San Juan Leg of our Southwest Whirlwind:

After our Casting adventure on top of the world we pointed the Rover East towards New Mexico. My Wisconian-Brother was about to experience the San Juan. We had another buddy meeting up with us this leg of the trip, Chip.

Chip is one of those guys who is just easy to fish with. The kind of guy you wish could be on all your trips; friendly, hardworking, and all together just a fishy-dude.

We fished the braids in the morning and hooked up with Chip at lunch to float through he lower flats.

The best fishing day of the trip we landed many fish in the morning and a few nice ones in the afternoon too.

At the end of the day, we had closed the door on a slew of new memories, fish, and stories yet to be told. Full fledged into our Southwestern whirlwind we finished this leg off at the Sportsman's, drinking the Silver Bullet and reliving our day's highlights.

To bed early, in order to drive the hour plus into Durango for the Animas: To follow.

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