Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Small Creek Weekend

My buddy Tony, brother in law Rob, and our kids went Creek'n this weekend. With Hudson in the backpack, I didn't bring the tri-pod. I know Lazy!

The shots suffered a bit. Trying to shoot wide open with out a VR lens,unsupported is not the way to get the tack-sharp image I'm after. Oh-well, we had fun, despite the images being sub-par.

Hudson loves his cousin Bailey dearly. He was so into playing with her he would only fish when she was fishing. To date this is the least I've ever seen him cast. I guess girls trump, fish. I can live with that.

Now as an adult, looking back, I cherish the memories growing up and spending time with my cousins. Seeing Hudson get to experience that same young-careless fun with family is a milestone for me as a parent, brother-in-law, uncle, and person.

We started off the morning fishing a little creek East of Eden, fish were out and moving.

My friend Tony above, played with Hudson and Bailey in-between sticking fins. It was great to see how both Hudson and Bailey warmed up to Tony as the day progressed. Shyness faded into laughter and laughter into more giggles. Someday Tony, you will make a great father.

We finished up with a nice Bow to add to the Smallmouth-mix. Tony worked this guy over while Rob spent time helping Bailey cast. Rob, is a great dad, guy, and friend. He's the consumate-outdoorsman, with a tender heart. A good mix when you're a father of two. Teach the young-ones to be outside, be active, but also respectful of the more tender side to life.

We headed off-stream around lunchtime. Tired kids in tow, the ideas was to fuel up and get back out to stream numero dos. Saw this really cool license plate on the back of a Harley while at lunch. Couldn't resist to snap a pic.

After lunch we went shot north out of Eden, new water, new energy.

When we arrived kids were snoring in their carseats. Rob was gracious enough to take them back to his house for nap while Tony and I went to check out the state of the new water.

We saw few fish, and raised none, poked around for a bit, looking. Creek needs another week or two cooking before she's ready to simmer.

After a couple hours, Tony and I decided to call her. We sat next to a big pool and threw rocks. I read somewhere years ago that this was a go to technique for old-boys out east. The theory was, as I remember it, you tossed big rocks into really deep water in small streams: to wake up the resident brown that had grown so big he'd gone nocturnal.

Needless to say after thrity minutes, we left, sans any old brownie sightings.

Another day spent on the water, it's only April and I've lost track. I think we're close to day 26 or 27....This year I don't seem to care. In the past it's been very important to me, dilligently scribbling down the events of the day every night when I returned. Guess I'm getting older, because now it seems to be moving in the direction of who I can spend time with while on the water, and not so much, the actual number of days spent.

Until this weekend! Tara and I are adding a suprise trip into the mix. Gilas in New Mexico. New this year a just opened up set of Gila water outside of the Summer restrictions, Gilas are now fishableall year. Next post, will be -hopefully- of Gilas, one of the rarest trout in N. America.


Big Hoss said...

Those are some awesome pics. I am not just saying this but i really enjoy reading you blog and wishing i could take cool pics like you.

CoreyK said...

Good stuff mang!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! I've now got this adventure on my todo list! Thanks for sharing.