Monday, April 27, 2009

We fished hard All Day

Miles of water and many fish; by the end of the day we had covered some teritory. Tara had held her own. She stuck lots of Gilas, a fish catching machine. I'm a lucky guy, to have a wife who will march off into the back-country and be able to stick fins, especially the likes of these. Gilas were spooky and I took her in, downstream while fishing, contrary to my normal routine: of fishing upstream.

Fishing small brushy streams are tough; even for experienced anglers. Watching Tara work this beaver dam was exceptional. She's come into her own, learning with each cast. The drift is becoming second nature. Not something natural to most.

She was rewarded often with the rarest of trout. Gilas on the dry what a treat, for both her angling and my watching.

We had hiked a lot(close to 10 miles at this point and it was time to take a rest)

We had fishing and many miles left on foot to our final destination. I left her sleep in a sunlite grove. While I snapped a couple shots and slipped off to fish for myslef.

More to come. Fish, Cliff Dwellings and Cave paintings... Many years of history hung over us, watching our casts as we fished the Gila River. The ghosts of Mogollon culture hung heavy in the air. It was hard not to feel their hum.

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mike doughty said...

great stuff and awesome little stream