Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Happens when the Fish aren't ? Day 17 or so...

We Cast foam streamers against smoke swept tides. Life was good. Fleeting thoughts of rejection letters from every publication published, flashed through my nugget.

Oh-well. Shoot, write, and fish, for myself. That is my new resolve. Besides, if they don't buy it, "Who Cares", I'm in technology, and so are my friends. We will do it ourselves. Here's a cheers to you - CK. Watch out folks, the new fold is on the stage. We have resource, ability, and time on the water. The forumla plus. Formal warning, you had a chance, but, as our tide, that chance, was fleeting too.

Most editors I have had experience with, have grown used to the notion that they were in the driver's seat. LOL- watch this economy show them, how little that holds truth in sub 8k Dow. Talent, may not be mine, but determination is. Combine that with a business model, thank you corporate America, and you have what will be the sweet goodbye to those who said, "We'll pass." Or better yet, those who didn't' reply at all. Funny,how an MBA comes into play in art. When most of those in "The Driver's Seat" of THE ART, had a PHD in literary arts, trying to figure out the business off, publication.

I tip my hat to this:

You had your chance to get on the bus, I don't expect you to be familiar with the terminology or phrase.

The players were there waiting to take their seats.

Your job was to put the right players on the bus.

Tip my hat off to a few that figured it out: John S., Steve P, & Tom B.

The time has come and now past.

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