Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Call it a Comeback

It was a great month for fishing in May, but a lousy month for rejection. An explanation of sorts is most likely due; Eight pieces spoken for in May by publications I will leave nameless, but rest assure if you fish you would recognize their names.

By June 1st, only two of those eight pieces were left, six of them had been pulled for a variety of really ridiculous reasons. Please understand I'm not trying to insight a pity party, but more or less provide my thoughts on how rough a month it was. Three of the eight pieces had been wrapped up for months before May and spoken for, in literally publication terms, that means I couldn't shop the pieces around to other magazines because of verbal or writ en contractual agreements.

Now writers/photographers are at mercy of the folks in charge. So fair or not, they have the final word. Rightfully so, it's them putting out the final product and stamping their name on it. You as the provider of content are only a tool.

Speaking of tools instead of throwing away what ever this has become, I'm planning on putting out all the articles I have had turned down and get turned down- here. Let those of my peers who buy the magazines judge me here, not the baby-boomers who hold the pen in the editing chairs of major publications. So I apologize up front for giving rejections, simultaneously saying, "hold-on". There will be a ton of content to come, fore I get rejected a lot!

No need to ask I will tell you in a minute what we have on deck. Already writ en, rejected, and according to those who own gate and key to print lining the shelves of your local Barnes and Noble, not worthy.

I don't have a big name, and considering my lack of talent I most likely never will. That is fine by me. The one thing I do want though: is for all of you that recognize the gap between the aging folks in control of what is printed and twenty-to-forty year old somethings, that not only have heard the term "Life Style", but have lived it will find thier way here. Read what I have to say and know: I will pound out every damned key, click every last shutter, and fish for every last thing that swims, because I don't just know about the lifestyle, I live it.

This will separate us, and sooner or later we who grew up without creel baskets and dry-fly only nonsense, will replace the voice of those classically trained and lost in rules to a dying industry of their own making. Step off and step out: This is the first tick of your tock and the days are numbered.

I've said it before and I will say it again, I toast to all of us,

"Let's take back our quiet sport."

Here is what is already written and on-deck, starting this week and lasting the next three months, one article per week. I give you what they wouldn't print: Sleeping in the Dirt - Volume1: A Desert Full of Fish.

1. Where it began: Praying the Rosary
2. Wolf-Bait
3. Truck-Stop Stone Fly
4. The Heart Break Kid is a Cock
5. Chasing the Bull
6. White Fish Save the Day
7. Getting Fired over Musky
8. Fishing the most exclusive Golf Course in the World
9. Bribing Mexican Officials with Rare Trout
10. Trying to Hook a Thresher shark in the mouth, and taking a swim with them.
11. Native Strain Apache Trout and the Tribal officers passing out in my tent.
12. Grand Canyon: Fourteen hours in Fourteen hours out, four hours fishing.

So maybe they all suck, that really could be the case. Or mabye, the pieces reflect something our editorial friends don't have expereince with. Simply, living it.


kolobflyfishing said...

I feel for you. I agree with the magazines they are very redundant and need new face. I enjoy reading, The Drake, This is Fly, Catch, etc. The old publications are just that, old and there good old boys are there only target market. I'm excited for the articles on the blog, lets get them rolling.

flynbird said...

OH, Hell Yes! Bring it Aaron. All true. I know I am not the only one who thinks you have a great talent and I look forward to the articles. Things will change and we are the future of OUR "quiet sport".

Ward W said...

Frustrating that they pulled your work... but selfishly I'm glad I'll get to see it here. I'm sure I would have missed it if it was in the magazines. Can't wait to read/see the articles, especially the apache...

Joel said...

Don't give up the faith Aaron! There are a lot of that love your work myself included! Just keep on keeping on and you will be there before you know it!


Aaron said...

Thanks for the feedback folks. There is a lot more to come. How do folks feel about podcasts that are not your general, "Hey I'm a famous guy and this is why I'm so cool?" kind of crap? I'm thinking stuff a little more 'Sleeping-in-the-dirt' style. Like...here is how xyz does post work on their photographs or a cooking podcast on good bapack meals? Any thoughts comments appreicated.

kolobflyfishing said...

I think podcasts would be great. Get them rolling.