Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Check out Corey & Brian in The Catch

In the recent issue of Catch Magazine, Sleeping in the Dirt locals Brian Gregson & Corey Kruitbosch show off their skills. Both photogers have shots in the most recent series on Light. The shots gracing Catch this issue were taken on the Lee's Ferry leg of our January adventure. Brian's is a wonderful fish-eye capture from the front of our jet boat, canyon walls frame a star fire sun. He truly captured the essence of my favorite river, the Colorado. A few pages later and from the same trip, my brother CK displays a shot of Brian and another angler(angler x) up river on the Ferry. Light closing out barely breaking the red rock canyon walls and falling across the anglers as the move out into the river. The very first post on this site was a compilation of Brian and Corey joining Tara and myself on a four day whirlwind tour of the southwest. It's nice to see the Colorado take some pages again. A few images accompany Brian & Corey's beautiful work by Southwest rep for all things fish-product John Sherman, also displaying a resident rainbow of the Ferry.

Check out Corey & Brian's sites. They're Dirt Approved!

PS Angler X is one sexy-beast.

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