Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Daily Update: Red Dirt

My friend Kevin Powell just got done with a rebuild of his website Red Dirt Studios.

This site is something different and worth the look. Kevin compiles all his passions into one place: Art, Cooking, Plants, and of course Fly Fishing.

A Blog, forum, and cookbook covering everything needed to fuel up for a day out on the water. Including a very interesting stream side desert contributed by The Fiberglass Manifesto Man himself, Cameron.

On Deck at Sleeping in the Dirt:

From this week's reject pile: Baja, East Cape Rooster Fish story

This weekend is Wyoming Cutts
Next weekend is back to the Baja for some more Roosters
Then one week off to edit all the photos
First week in August off to fish Bull Trout
Get back then head out to Fish Mako
Five days after that Goldens in the Sierras
Ten days later, a week in AK fishing Silvers and big Bows with mice patterns.

More to come.



Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Definitely something different...thanks for the heads up.

Aaron said...

Yeah, give it some time to mature. The last site Kevin put togethe was full of really good streamside recipies. I tried many of them while out in it.

On top of the fishing, the fishing art is top notch. He's got some guys that hang around the forum that are talented beyond belief. Not to mention our local artist here Bob White. All good people.

Take care,


TheOkieAngler said...

VERY jealous of your upcoming schedule...

Aaron said...

I'm excited Okie. Hopefully it works out and teh fish gods are looking over my shoulder this trip.

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

I teach outdoor cooking to 2 wilderness guide training courses here in Finland so will deffinately be keeping my eye on his site...Cheers Aaron.