Friday, August 14, 2009

Gilas, Apaches and More.

Dusty is about to fly in to AZ from TX for a couple days of rare fish. We're headed over the border into the Gila Wilderness area. Hopefully we have some Karma built up and the Gila trout of the area will find our flies.

Next we will travel from Gila to Apache country. Attempting to knock off the second of North America's top ten rare fish of the trip. Heading west into Arizona's White Mountains.

I had to cancel my AK trip with Bob and Golden's trip with Corey. Hopefully this little weekend excursion will help get my mind of what could have been. I had been looking forward to the two trips mentioned all year. Life got in the way this time, unfortunately.

I will try and finish up the Bull Trout trip report with day three upon return.


coreyk said...

The Goldens will miss you! Good luck on yoru trip!

Gary said...

I will be looking forward to hearing how you guys do down there, I am making the trip in two weeks...