Monday, October 5, 2009

Muskie Update

Round Dos: Muskie 09

Two days Muskie, one day Lake Run Browns and Chrome: time to go home.

I ran hard for three days and three nights. We chased my favorite freshwater apex predator in the rain and sleet all over Northwestern-Wisco. My usual Dirt Tribe from back home was geared up and ready to throw down. Brining along one additional Non-Wisconsota brother along, Paulito Escobar. Paul ended up with big fish of the trip too, so he was a good add.

Day one was where all the damage was done and the front of the boat was the ticket. All eats, blow-ups, and fish connected where from the lead seat. Nothing happening out of the back all day. After eight shots and one really nice fish landed, I got an hour in the front seat resulting in one missed opportunity and a small Muskie.

Day two was all Lucky, with a nice 41-43” class fish landed in the Lee-Ball’s rig. A new player to the dirt, but old brethren of the Bardly jumped into the mix this trip: BearCat. BearCat was a good add. Funny as shit. Old Bardly rowed my slacker-arse around for two days keeping us in good natured stories and chuckles for the most part. I was pushing hard for a cover shot for a little magazine called Fly Fisherman. I’ve submitted a few from this adventure to Ross, think good thoughts for me folks. It’s an understatement for me to tell you all, how important personally it would be for me to get the cover of one of the biggest mags out there. (Cross your ten weights)

So it’s done for this trip, headed home tomorrow. Haven’t slept much in the last two weeks, hoping to get a little rest tonight. I will most likely be back in a couple weeks for one last crack at my favorite fish. Looking to update my tattoo collection with a nice toothy-M pic. Holding out until I bust my 50” mark fish for that. The pain is the reward on both accounts.

Looks like I will be hitting the Trinity here in Nov too. So folks can look for more Muskie, Chrome, and maybe a Taneycomo Brown trip thrown in for kicks here in the next month or so.


Steven said...

Mate, these are some really beautiful photos! Fingers crossed that you get the cover :-)

Anonymous said...

top notch as usual.

Timbo said...

Oh shit.

jabberwock said...

Second to last shot.... that thing is huge! And the background colors are sweet.

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Nice read and top Images.

Anonymous said...

Exact tone/color of a rainbow minnow. Cool.