Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Southwest Fly Fishing: Giving some love to the Dirt

So I got asked by a couple folks last night about things in SWFF. I guess you could say John and Steve have taken care of me. I didn't realize it, but over the last three years they've been kind enough to run over twenty articles for me. If you guys get a chance, I really think SW Fly Fishing, NW, and NE are a quality product. Not just because they run my stuff, but the method in which they approach what they run compared to the other magazines out there. I'll post a couple articles from this year they ran with, my stuff brings down the curve for sure, but you will get an idea. Perfect mag for folks looking to travel and want to know what's going on with respect to fins in that area. They get the blame for hot spotting a lot, but in their defense it's a travel magazine: focusing on destination fishing in by region. It is a good roadmap for folks like me who work and have to travel a lot due to their jobs. I find myself saving issues from NW and SW, going back to them years later to find spots to fish when my job takes me out of town. Give them a shot. I think if you fish, you won't be let down by what's inside their covers.

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