Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Late night in Basalt

What goes on at the Dirt after the lights go down? Well, glad you asked.

A couple of these, none of us remember having. Various other drinks, including a stint behind the bar as pictured in the last post. We left the car and ended up walking home, well at least two of us did. It was somewhere in the neighborhood of six out, six degrees F. Short walk by standards of our condition.

Isn't it obvious. Only one female in the bar and Lucky and Lee are single. So... they challenge our local-yocal to a Dance-off: winner take all. Crazy-Kate, as we dubbed, the local decides to take a more gymnastic route to the dance-off and commences with a kart-wheel-o-thon to best a tumbling class.

And the winner is Lee-Ball for his one man rendition of West Side Story.
Did I mention he's single and ready to mingle? If you are interested please send picture of boat. Ball-Cuzi and Cow's tongue knowledge are a major experience, ability to learn and preform on command are more important.

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Anonymous said...

I love everything about this deal you got going on man. keep it up. tell lucky hi from hammer