Sunday, February 7, 2010

SN-2 Reaction: A.K.A Backside Attack in CO

Hopped a plan from Arizona, Winsconsota brethren drove straight through to Colorado. Chip from down south made it north. Here's a sneak-for-your-peak at what went down.

Currently in a bar called Stubbies. Spent some time in Taylor Creek flyshop today. Some good dudes. You get a chance to run a trip on the Pan or in the area of Basalt check them out, helpful, lots of gear, and full service shop. Good dudes.
Bought Hudson a little Cliff Jr. Bug Barn, can't wait to get home to give him his surprise. Lee-ball and Lucky are on the prowl for the lucky fin. My old-arse is in bed before they fire up and really get their engines turning.

Will post more when I get back. Going to hit the pan for one more run in the morning. Stay-tuned for more later. Beers for now.


mike doughty said...

i fished that area once....would like to get back there.

Anonymous said...

Awesome place in the winter. Great pictures AO, they definitely bring back fond memories. Make sure to hit the Village Smithy in Basalt for breakfast. Best breakfast ever!

Aaron said...

Good place for sure MD.

We ate there this morning Fish PHD. Had french toast it was great.