Thursday, February 25, 2010


Wanted to tell everyone a heartfelt thank you for all the submissions for Sleeping In the Dirt. First off, I sincerely enjoy them. There isn't a single one that hasn't made me or the group smile. I can't publish them all, so I'm not telling you a , "NO". But, I am telling you at this time (at least some of the submitted work) isn't a good fit. It's not because the stories, images, or times shared aren't good or valued by me/us. On the contrary: They are F'n great.

The truth is, there isn't enough room, or the the topic/species is already covered. "Believe me, I know 'No'. After a 1000 rejections from magazines in the past four years, I just decided to do it myself. Not because my stuff was good enough for those magazines, but because I think what I and the group has to say and show isn't what the magazines are printing. Although, they're(publications) changing. Look at the covers, the articles: much more adventure based subjet material. "Which is good in my mind." We have something different to share with folks.
So if what we're doing is connecting with you, especially for those of you who keep sending me photos and ideas, please don't be discouraged. I will try and respond to all of you. Your ideas, submissions aren't bad, they're not being passed by, it's just not the right fit for what is going on at the time. "THAT DOESN'T MEAN THEY'RE BAD". I repeat, "THAT DOESN'T MEAN THEY'RE BAD."

All it means is we have something already on that front, or it isn't a story in the vien which we are at, at this moment. If anything, don't take it poorly if we can't run with your shared experience. Most likely, you can get a magazine to buy it - pay $.

So what I'm thinking we will do is share some of the stuff that didn't work for the next couple upcoming issues here. Post a "What folks are doing" section.

For those of you we've reached out to and said, "It wasn't the best fist for us." Let me know if that works? Sincerely, we're just guys who like to fish. No one is trying to isolate or alienate anyone wanting to share stories about the topic we all LOVE.

Thanks again,


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