Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hudson's too young for Nine Feet.

So searching for 3mm foam today spent the entire morning driving across the valley looking. Three stores visited nothing but 2mm foam. Hard to tie # six Fat Alberts with small foam. Looks like a wrinkled cricket.

Any-who, we roll into one of the Warehouse style stores that carries everything out-of-doors and there is a free casting clinic being offered up in the parking lot. Hudson immediately asks if he can go fish.

Holding hands we cross the parking lot, it's our rule. Now granted at four years of age and less feet tall he's not really screaming, "I can cast." However, when I asked the instructor if my boy could cast his response was, "I don't think he could handle it, the rods are really big."

I pushed back, but gently, " I think he can handle it." Gripping little H's shoulder.

"Well sir, this is a lot tougher than casting regular spinning gear." The instructor shot me a glare like my little guy would threaten his $150 G-Loomis rods they had lined up for casting.

At this point my wife left, "I'll be in the car honey have fun." I could sense the piss without the vinegar in her voice.

I promised the instructor I would help him, and pay for any damage he or I may cause. So three casts into me hovering over H, Hudson was done. He's not really happy when dad holds his casting arm. Independent little bugger.

We left, and I thought wow. Is this really what the message is a guy who is a paid employee of the sporting goods store should send out. Kids shouldn't fly-fish?

Is this part of the gap we see in the industry today? This kind of stuck with me all day. Are there too many fisherman so into their own fishing that the kids they have in their lives aren't getting exposure? Made me kind of sad.

If nothing else, I would think the instructor would have shown Hudson all about the fly rod, breaking it down into two pieces and letting him have at the top half. Well Mr. Instructor, here's to you:

You may have seen these Mr. Instructor, they've appeared in places like The Drake, FF, SWFF, and The Catch.

You were right Mr. Instructor, he wouldn't have been able to handle that rod. His response would have most likely been, "Dad this feels clunky."

PS - those are from about 18 months on. And yes, that is the Ferry and a Pacifier in his mouth.

So granted, some of this is "Proud-Dad". However, some of it is addressing a very big gap in today's industry. Who is next? It's not us, and it's definitely not Mr. Instructor (my father's age). The future is ours, our children. Th

Morale of the story once again: Take your kids fishing now. Don't be a "MR. Casting-Instructor."

By the way - you really should take a lesson or two. The break in your wrist was awful, and was causing the curve you thought was thew wind. Just saying if you're going to teach....


mike doughty said...

to awesome!

Shoreman said...

If we had more Dad's like you, maybe we'd have more young people out ther fishing. Kudo's on your post.


MIKE said...

WOW, that guy was an idiot. What paid instructor who's trying to sell gear tells a dad (who carries the wallet) that his son probably shouldn't try casting. Goodness! My kids, like yours, have always been able to tie a fly or cast my rods. Sure, they aren't high end rods, but if they break oh well. I would have walked in, shopped around, picked out some stuff, gone to the register and asked for a manager. Showed him the products and said "I was going to buy this stuff today, but that jerk outside didn't want my son to cast the rod. have a nice day"

Take a kid fishing!

Great photos!!!

Traci said...

OMG that little guy is so freakin' cute with the casting and all. I wish I was brave enough to take my twins fishing but I decided to wait until next season instead of this season. I'm terrified we'll all end up in the lake wrapped in a tangle of line.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Very nice to see that you are sharing your passion with your son!

Regards from Argentina.