Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bristol Bay with Sweetwater Travel

Double Pog-Silvers caught a couple hundred yards from the ocean. 

Sea Lice still on this Hen.  

The Hydros Beast 


Sharon with a nice Char

Brad with Bow

Brad with nice char.

Rainbow and Bob

Giant Bow

Silver Country


Bob on the water. Please note the weight in front. 

Beautiful Colors

Rare Albino Char

Nice Beaver

Beaver Landing

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Bob in the Morning before flight.

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Shoreman said...

Thanks for the nice trip around the bay. Photo's are great, fish outstanding.


Owl Jones said...

Those are some outstanding photographs! Very nice composition and of course, great subject matter! :)

Aaron said...

Thanks for the nice comments guys. It was a heck of a trip. The whole write up will be in FR&R sometime in 2011. It was a wonderful trip with my friend Bob.

qdog said...

Great photos. I am dying to go.