Monday, October 11, 2010

A "Little" Musky Love

Got to spend the day with friends Mark, Lucky, Marv, and a new friend Jayson. What a wonderful day to be on the river, low 80s F, slight breeze, scattered clouds and everyone's favorite Toothy Critter: the Musky.

We pinned one little guy about 36 inches, I had a couple eats and one other really nice follow. Looking to buy a drift boat ASAP. I figure I can get at least ten more days out before the end of the year and it's just turning into prime time. More to come laters!



Shoreman said...

Watch your fingers. That's quite a mouthful of teeth.


Dave Garland said...


I have a close contact with Clackacraft, let me know if you want me to set you up with him.

Dave Garland