Sunday, October 24, 2010

Silvers on the Mind

I've been playing Wii all morning with H.   Time to turn my attention to get ready for a couple upcoming trips.  Headed to the Delta in a couple weeks for a benefit, don't have a single bug tied.  Got a Musky weekend or two coming up, again a couple bugs tied.   Need to get busy.

In the garage are a couple storage bins full of bugs.  I found a case from a recent Bristol adventure on top with a white printed Label, "Bristol Bay: Silvers". There is something about throwing Dry flies (POGs) at 12-20 pound salmon that gets a guys blood just going.

I'm hoping to get to go back next year.  Hopefully the photos were good enough to warent a return trip.  That's always a huge fear of mine when I go out on a trip with photos for an outfitter.  In a dark place, stuck somewhere between reality and the click of my shutter lays the possibility that I could fail someone who just paid for my trip in exchange for images.  Last week I saw Sweetwater Travel using my images already, that is a serious heavy load off my back.  The possibility of doing something with so much of myself invested in not being used scares the crap out of me.  The weight of the possible-failure never really leaves me until I've seen the images or read the words in print.   So with a sigh of relief,  mind can start to enjoy some of the crazy fishing memories made in Alaska this year.

Here is some of my Silver-sickness.  I've caught the bug.

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