Saturday, November 27, 2010

2010 Year in Review

So much went down in 0-10.  Hard to believe we're putting a cap on another year.

Not in order of any significance other than finding the images on my laptop:

Fishing with H- he really came into his own this year. I loved every moment of it.
Fishing with H this year was hard to beat - here is one of many sunfish on a rainy day. We tried to shoot for four days in a row for the Big O- it poured on us every ten minutes we had to run out between storms to catch a couple fish.   There is no playing around with a little guy and a nine foot lightening rod so we didn't get too many shots.  

Got to fish with Cam and Chris on some of my favorite water what a great father son road trip we had. A week across Arizona's North-Country.  I can't wait until 2011 Father-Son road trip- we're thinking Yellowstone.

Another shot from our Father-Son Road Trip. Cam and Chris fishing a high country trout pond connected to the South Fork of the Little Colorado.  Too much fun! 
Not a great image I know, but for the twenty or so trips I made to Lee's Ferry in 2010, this one stood out to me.  My brother in law in the front of the boat. We had a father-in-law Ferry trip.  It rained cats and dogs on us and almost filled my hammock.  We caught quite a few fish and Rob put some numbers on the board breaking a long streak of bad luck on the Colorado.  This may be my favorite piece of water in the world, and almost every day you can fish it all by yourself.

First Musky of 2010 not a huge fish, we definitely caught bigger ones in the next month or so, but the first one always sticks out to me. 

Sunrise Lake just after Sunrise. Our endless search to find a fish in the high country lakes. 

Hopper Heaven. 

Not a huge fish, but very memorable.  This fish ate a hopper and leaped four feet out of the water. Epic trout fight of the year award goes to this long Brown in Oregon.


Pog Eating Silver- love it!

Knocking down birds in MN

Just Beautiful!

Mearns Quail hunt at the border. What a trip!  Steve is posing for us fence-side.

Have to love the McCloud 

Fish seems to be saying "EEEKKKK"

Thank you Chris!  I will never sleep the same.

More McCloud

H rocking the trout at workman Creek.

Lee Ball in Costa Rica

The Vegen Piranha 

Monkey's in CR

Oak Creek - I'm going to miss you.  So much there un touched.

Osprey on the West Fork

I have to say thank you to Bob C.  I lost count on how many fish we landed this summer on you.  All over this planet fins fell to your minnow.

Salt River - if people only knew how many Bass swing your waters.

Got to love the Super Bowl Sunday at the Pan. 

Lee Ball showing us how to get it done in Basalt. 

Finding hidden gems with T.

Bristol with Bob
Flying to the stream above with Bob

What can I say. 

H's first Smallmouth

Four-billzion takes to finally get the one.

Leeball on the Blue

Coy Love

Carp Obsession with Ben

I heart carp


Alex Landeen said...

Too good, Aaron. Great stuff.

akor87 said...

so sick man, I would probably have to say the time-lapse with caption "more McCloud" is my favorite. All good though keep it up.


Owl Jones said...

There's nothing like looking back and realizing that during all the hustle-and-bustle of another year, you really did make some amazing memories! Love the post!


PS - "big" is relative...from my front porch you're fish are all monsters! :)

Aaron said...

Alex - I'll be in town end of Dec before New Years - right after XMAS. Let me know if you want to

Aaron said...

Fish. - thinking we could go hit something in your neck of the woods.