Tuesday, November 16, 2010

El Capitan

 I picked H up and put him in the new S.S. SID.  He's standing on the deck of the boat looking at me, eye to eye and says, "Dad we need to talk."  First of all, he's four years old.  A bold statement made by an adult, but catching me completely off guard made by such a little guy.  

Hudson further goes on to say, "I really want to ice fish, but this new boat is so cool and would make a great pirate ship.  We should get out the telescope and be pirates.  Also dad, you should know that I'm really a secret super hero and the bad-guys aren't allowed on our ship, because that would give away my secret identity."

At that moment, I just grabbed him up and squeezed.  I love moments that remind you of how in love you are with your kids.  That was one of them for me.  He's just awesome.  I let the camera roll after that just H and me in the garage goofing off.  The front seat has his name on it.  He's already asked how we could take the seat off so he could stand on the cooler and fish.  

Have to give a big thank you to Hyde.  Jim at Hyde really took care of me.  I don't feel worthy- thank you.


Shoreman said...

Kids have such great imaginations.


Aaron said...

I love him man - imagination plus!