Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Salt this Winter

Can't really post much here, someone spoke for this story and set of images specifically asking for first rights and not to run it on my site. Apparently, we've attracted some attention.. who knew that was a bad thing.    I can tell you this.. Some time in the next year or so you will see a major rag run a story about our family vacation in Hawaii last week.  I can also tell you Bone fish there average 10 lbs.  Here is the one picture I can put out.  Outside that you all will just have to buy a copy of this none-fly-fishing, but outdoor sports related magazine.  Sorry this is the one story SID folks can't have the scoop first on.

However, I can tell you in the next three to four months SID will most likely visit the SALT 3 more times in search of Permit, Tarpoon, Snook, and yes more Bones....

I would love to swing a couple S.A. trips too, but not sure the funds will hold out.  Golden D is on the list and so are Taimen in Asia with my friends from WCA.  I'm going to try and swing it, but not sure I can afford the whole deal.  I guess it's the bad part about not taking advertisement on you have to fund it all yourself.  Oh well, the pay off is, you get what you see and that is the real thing.  Some guys who just love to fish and get lucky taking a picture or two.

So far 2011 looks like this:

Trip to MX for Slam
Trip to Keys for Slam
Trip to Jellystone for Father-Son Annual
Trip to MT with a guy you may know from the Catch
Trip to Baja for Roosters
Trip to Canada or two this summer... I live so close now have to run up there and see what we have left  as Northern Wilderness
Trips...... you will all be tired of Smallmouth and Musky by next year, they're everywhere up here - and I plan to fish every day after work from May until Oct..
Trips to Northern parts of Wisco an Mich... Got new friends to make there
Who knows what else- I would really like some epic Chrome in there... Maybe we can squeeze the Dean in the fall..... I don't know....  so much to do so little PTO.....

Going to have to be creative is all I can say...  I'm really itching to fish with my friends from WCA again.  Really the nicest bunch of guys I've ever encountered as outfitters.  Class act, fishy as hell, and humble.   Hard to find trio of traits in anglers.

Good doods.

We will see how it unfolds...

PS - you will see a lot more hunting in 2011 too. Turkey, Deer, and many many Birds will be taken..

Email aaron if you have an idea or want to fish... seems I make some really good friends via the web.. feel pretty blessed in that respect.


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