Sunday, January 2, 2011

H Monkey Bow Man

Monkey and I went to the range for his weekly lesson today.   The instructor is superb.  He has patience of a saint and can help H hit the target close to 75% of the time.  Keeps my little man motivated and drawing arrows until his little muscles shake. 

The guys at High Five Archery are top notch.  Hudson has fallen in love with shooting his "Boandarrow" and it's all due to the tremendous tutelage he's received from the staff at High Five.  

The focus Hudson musters while trying to drill an arrow into the target or pop a balloon is unparalleled during the rest of his day. He really gets into it. 

We signed up for a family membership today, so we could go back and got Hudson (and Dad) another lesson here next week.   

Of course I brought a camera along.  Here are a few photos of little man plucking targets and popping balloons today at lunch time. 

Hudson's concentration marked by extended tongue. 

Hudson searching for anchor spot, corner of mouth. 
With a little help from the instructor, Hudson found his anchor. 
Ready to go!
Hudson lets one fly! He just missed the balloon on this one, but nailed a few right before.

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