Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Art & Bob's New Site

Not much more I can say, the only thing that surpasses the art is the artist. I live a lucky life, blessed by the friendship of a few very dedicated friends. Bob is one of them.

Not long ago a piece two years in the making was rejected. It was my Ode to a Friend. That friend was Bob White. A tale of strange circumstances and a grandfather, mine. The combination of which brought me and a trip to Alaska last summer full circle to Bob.

Recently Mr. White has revamped and rebuilt is web site. Support the man who shows us a life well lived one painting at a time. Check out his new e-digs, buy a print or three. I have a few favorites hanging on my walls. My wife Tara refers to them as "Mini-breaks."When I find myself in a funk or short in the house, Tara will send me to a "mini-break". Think of putting your kids in the corner, but meant as a gentle reminder to a spouse to go get lost in something that brings me back to center. For me, that's Bob's art.

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