Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Art & Bob's New Site

Not much more I can say, the only thing that surpasses the art is the artist. I live a lucky life, blessed by the friendship of a few very dedicated friends. Bob is one of them.

Not long ago a piece two years in the making was rejected. It was my Ode to a Friend. That friend was Bob White. A tale of strange circumstances and a grandfather, mine. The combination of which brought me and a trip to Alaska last summer full circle to Bob.

Recently Mr. White has revamped and rebuilt is web site. Support the man who shows us a life well lived one painting at a time. Check out his new e-digs, buy a print or three. I have a few favorites hanging on my walls. My wife Tara refers to them as "Mini-breaks."When I find myself in a funk or short in the house, Tara will send me to a "mini-break". Think of putting your kids in the corner, but meant as a gentle reminder to a spouse to go get lost in something that brings me back to center. For me, that's Bob's art.

Friday, February 25, 2011

@ This Stage in the GAME

Okay have some honesty to share. I'm 36 years old as of last week. I've fished all over the globe at this point, caught fish that make my neck hackle stand on end just thinking about. There is one truth I've paid for with my own blood: It's not about the fish you catch, it's not about the animal you stalk and slay, it's not about racks, inches, weight, or score. It is about, and only about, the folks you spend your time with on the journey to accomplish all the previous mentioned.

A life looked back at, is measured in relationships built, kindled, and kept. Ironically I think there are a lot folks who will read this and interpret in a justified way, although that isn't even close to a northern pointing compass of my intent. But, by all means, if you find comfort in these words and your interpretation: take it.

Life is how you remember it. I'm going to consciously choose to make memories with people going forward who share a common moral sentiment. Making a new course for myself to invest in people. People willing to spend time with me doing things we have in mutual-common. I love to live Out-of-doors. Anything, that lets me forget the cube farm I spend my life in.Anything that takes me away from corporate BS that has become the loss of where we all found innocents on a dock with bobber, worm, and a hook without strings.

See, at my age and in new country - once old- I find myself alone again. I don't know anyone to fish with. I have lost connection after a decade to all those who used to fish, hunt, or spend their time not under roof.

Looking to find comfort in the one place who has accepted a would-be lonely-road bum such as myself, I face rejection. A few quotes from recent, "Sorry not what we're looking for now." After working a piece for two years. Change in the tides.

Next was, "You need to get used to rejection we all do." Then they went on to how boring the subject was and dont' get why I thought anyone would find interest in it......

Thing is after five years and a thousand rejections I've grown used to it, not numb to it.

I will never be a great writer, got that. I will never master our language, got that. I will never take an image that moves anyone other than my mother.. Which is a joke, because I could cure cancer and it will never make her stand up and take notice. I'm used to "all of it".

Thing is, I don't ask for anyone's acceptance, anyone sympathy, or pity. The one thing I do ask for is see what real life putting it out there tastes like. That is what our contributors do. There isn't anything other than 100% real lifestyle being contributed to our show.

Maybe that's not enough to get real companies interested in our little walk off the map? I wish it was. The people that give to SID free of charge deserve to be known. They deserve to be paid. They live it. Asking for more is pure gluttony.

We're not going to run; HOW-To's, What-to's, or Where-to's... it's just not the lifestyle. You can google; "Bugs for the Big Horn" or "How to Tie a Clinch Knot".... I mean come on ...
Also, we're not all guides.. hell I tried I was the worst guide in the planet. I just wanted rip the stick out of my clients hand for two summers and catch the F'N fish. Drove me crazy!

Owning that, we're not the rag for guys who guide, or guys who weekeend fish, heck we're not the ezine for the guy who fishes, hunts, or lives in doors more than out.

If it's a lifestyle you get it. Issue One. Issue when passion ends and I can't afford to publish anymore.

You take issue with that don't click page turn. There is no hiding here. Anything in that message rings true with you; Guess what, "We're you." You are SID and from one dad wishing he was fishing to you, "Thank you."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sid 6 in the BAG

So with SID Six in the bag, turning our sites towards SID 7 (thinking about doing the road trip issue early).   

Would like to highlight my friend Paul and his tying, the whole story of his shaping, sanding, and designing bugs out of foam weren't all in there.  I submitted the piece to Fly Tyer, got no response until I posted on Facebook that I didn't get a response.  It's too bad the story of the bar and Paul are quite good.

See back in the 20s the particular bar in this story was shut down and turned into a speak-easy for gangsters spending their summers on White Bear Lake, coming in from Chicago.  For those who can manage their way behind the bar and know where to look could find a dumb-waiter behind a hidden pannel allowing Canadian Whisky to be sent between floors outside the view of prying eyes. 

White Bear lake had an amusement park and sprawling mansions built around the lake's shorelines housing some of America's most notorious gangsters; Al Capone,  John Dillinger, and Baby Face Nelson.  Gangsters and their muscle would come into the back alley doorway separating the then False front Soda Shop from the basement rooms hosting cards games and bottled Whisky (high end whisky of the 20s).  

The lake a block or two away is home to some of Minnesota's largest smallmouth around.  This is where our story turns towards Paul Hansen.  Paul, isn't just a fly tier with patterns sold commercially throughout the world he's a Foam-shaping, Fly-Molding-Da Vinci.  Between his basement workshop filled with custom made tools, shivs, and components to Paul's obsession with shaving new and more extreme angles than anything available he's taken foam tying to a new level.  Paul's Electric Frog is the reason we  met in a small town bar rich in history and close to a body of water full of frog eating Bass.  

Paul and I met on a winter's afternoon to tie a bug or two in the shadows of the deep red leather booths of the 617.  Washed down with a couple cold ones Paul and I traded stories and dreams; places been and places yet to be fished.  Paul works as a high-end adventure travel guy, taking folks fishing all over the world.  His company, Sporting Life, specializes in long distance adventure based salt water and large Salmonoid fishing.  For more info 

If you're looking for some new patterns or a trip you won't forget try giving a SID certified guy a call. PS he lives on the Mississippi and guides quite literally the greatest stretch of smallmouth water in the country, if you want to stay in country for a trip you won't soon forget.