Monday, April 13, 2009

Briefly Interupt this Pyramid report for an H update

Took Hudson up camping at the Ferry. The idea was to fish the walk-in section with our friends Donna & Marion. Despite catching only two fish amongst the four of us, we had a blast. This year has been slow on the Ferry. It's our fifth trip since January, and the nubmers, espescially in the walk-in have been way down. Ironic since in January we saw a boat-load of reds up-river.

H-Monkey loves the tent. Camping for him is a special treat, and he's into the entire experience. From sleeping under the stars to roasting marshmellows via Colman stove. It's all good, and he's jazzed.

When morning came we hiked down to the rivers edge. Hudson, was hot-to-trot, and wanted to get his line wet pronto. At three, he's full of gett'r done -it's wonderful. As a parent in his thirites, it's hard not to feel the contagiousness of my little-man's attidude. I love it.
The wind kicked up her heels and we got pushed out. Only a partial day at the Ferry, but very much apprecaited. Spent time with my son, my friends, and wife: doing what I love being out in it. Amen brother.

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