Wednesday, April 15, 2009

May is going to be a big month for me.

I've caught some big and beautiful fish.

Some really rare like an Apache pushing five pounds

or a Gila

and Kokanee.

Some really big ...

Some just beautiful.

People often ask me, do you have a memorable fish? And, I have to say no. It's not really the fish that I remember, but the people I was with and the experience we shared.

I remember, my son and his first Brown trout on the Fly while fishing from his carrier. He was so proud he didn't want me to help him hold it during the picture. He was to do it all on his own.

I remember driving outside Yellowstone until we hit the hatch, literally. Salmon flies started to ping off our windshield like small birds. Walking in the footsteps of anglers far greater than us, was fortunate circumstance. Epic dreams made of luck like we had that trip. I remember that.

Most of all, I remember people who helped make the memory. To them I tip off my hat. Thank you. Cheers. On deck in May: Big Tigers with my friend CK. Roosters with some famous folks. Some more Tigers to wrap it up, just of a different fin. Stay tuned. I'm pretty sure this will be a bang-up thirty days or so for the old blogee-blog.



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BG said...

ummm dude....that is a fricking porker of a Apache!! Hell yeah man, keep on keeping on.