Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 16 of 2009: Pyramid Lake

Day 16 of 2009: Pyramid Lake

A trek to land monster Lohontans in a prehistoric lake is special, if not, a spiritual experience by nature. Ironic how our annual pilgrimage to Paiute country falls over the same timeframe as Easter, while others fast, and prepare to walk for three days for penance, we fish.

This year’s trip was no exception. Despite the fish catch being lower than the previous year, our tribe managed to range all spectrums of traditional goofiness and Tom-Foolery.

I hit the horn a hundred yards before the Way-Cool Mini-van sputtered to a stop, twenty feet from the water at Windless Cove. “Yeah the Chrysler Fish-Hauler was Pimp”.

“What-Up Paulito?” I sang more than spoke while giving a hug to mi amigo. Some of you may recognize Paulito, he is a re-occurring player in this fish-opera.

“Nada brother. Just sticking fins.” Replied Escobar.

A round of hugs for the rest of the gang. Up and down the beach, strewn out was the crew, atop of their ladders looking for Piggy-L.

“Any-Luck?” I asked but knew they hadn’t had any, by how many of them were climbing down from their ladders to greet us beachside.

I managed to scratch one out before the night was too dark and cold to stand, but that was the only fish landed out of seven sticks that afternoon. Rough.

More to come Day 17 to follow:

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