Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some More Introductions:

And contestant in the Pink Shorts, weighing in at 150 pounds is , Tony the Fish-Molesta! Known for his amazing agility from atop a ladder and fish shaped appendages, Tony Hails from Sedona Az.

Swinger numero dos, out of the Great State of Texas, "The Merc". Known to have at one time stared a Cutthroat into submission he has a record of Four wins by drunkenness and no ties. He's our kind of guy.

What would a report be without a couple shots of our boys in Action: First Starchy-Molesta:

Molesta in full frontal fish mode.

It's just how he roles.

Starchy scratching another one up.


Merc loves his fish, oh boy does he love his fish!

Yessir, may I have another. If Merc had a Pornstar Fish name it would be, "Lohontan- Johnson". His specialty would be laying 24 to 26 inches of cutty.

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