Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The final Day of our trip...In Gila Country

When our day was done, we had caught many Gilas. We had hiked many miles, and stepped through foot prints made by many famous men.

The very location that Billy the Kid, committed his frist crime. It's said that Billy sold stolen butter to the merchant who owned this store. The sherif, held Billy in jail, to teach him a lesson at fifteen years of age. Some historians believe that this was the turning point for Billy, to a life of crime.

The supposed birth place of Cochise is a wonderful way to close out a trip. Hiking through the cliff dwellings that date back thousands of years and stand sentery over the river we fished.

This trip, will forever remain in my memory. The Gila wilderness and the surrounding area is a very special place.

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mike doughty said...

i would be totally stoked just to be around all that history.