Monday, May 11, 2009

El Tigre

My friend Corey who’s most recent work can be seen in Catch Magazine took me out and around his home state of UTAH this last weekend. This chapter of my dual-lifestyle was spent in search of Tiger trout. As the story goes, I caught a flight Friday around lunch time, taking calls from my Black Berry while we rolled down the runway. A stewardess scolded me with safety warnings about planes falling from the sky.
I can’t even get my emails to sync with my laptop…how is this little tin box going to take a 727 out? Anyways, rounding this rodeo back to ranch and off that rant.

We headed north from the airport and arrived on the water for a couple hours of pre-dark fly-Roding. Something you should know about Corey, he’s an artist, with a lens or rod; the angling landscape is his canvas. We basically goofed around until it was too dark to walk through a river. The only lights we had were strobes to illuminate our path back to the car. From a viewers perspective it must have been a funny site. Watching the two of us trek back dumping full power flash every fifty feet or so.

Back up at the hotel, we met up with CK’s friend Doug. Now Doug can shoot like no other. I find myself looking at his photography over and over for inspiration. Doug is truly gifted. Take a look for yourself.

The next morning we headed out early, fueled and ready to rock. Utah is a very interesting state you can have your diesel coffee with or without Scuds: Mmmm Crunchy! The game was spot and stalk. On hands and knees we moved around the lake’s shoreline (after we got blown off our toons). A couple real good shots and a solid hookup with a very large fish later, we figured it out. The El Tigre liked their coffee with the OG of Copper: The Copper Bob. Thanks MT fly and senior White. Killer combo in Tiger-smacking-power.

Checking El Tigre off the list we fished-on! There is something about new water that is captivating and romantic to me at the same time. I love to find, fish, and figure out a new flow of H20. Corey and I closed out the trip pinging some of his favorite drainage, and we able to scratch up a few finned-friends to cap it off. After a quick weekend of pounding water with a friend, reflection falls hard. Tasting life, is a choice of action. The fish are only the bow on the package at Christmas. It’s people like Corey, and Doug who make the destination the present.
Or the photos from this trip are here:

Until next week, who knows where you will find me next!

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CoreyK said...

Thanks for coming up to chase El Tigre Aaron! Looking forward to going after Tigre Sr.!