Monday, May 11, 2009

Little Man: Update

So Hudson and I had a non-fishing weekend. The first in a long while. We decided to stay home and tie bugs.

Now I took a lot of heat from my family thus far; basically folks have implied I will make Hudson into a fisherman. In reality when we fish we do many things, such as play games, look for bugs, dance around in the water. Only a Small percentage of the time we are out, is spent actually fishing.

My thoughts are to expose him and spend time with him. Even though I am "DAD", he has a natural ability towards fishing,which I think is obvious. Though I would never begin to imply any parallel between him and Tiger Woods, starting off gifted at something at such an early age and eventually achieve greatness. There is one thread they have in common. Often the overlooked byline for Tiger, is the relationship he has with his parents. That kind of relationship later in life is what I'm after. He will never get rich practicing our quiet sport, and any greatness he may achieve is all his, I really just want to be there to see it happen.

Hudson is my best friend and I want it to continue that into my gray years, like Tiger has with his folks. I tell him I love him everyday, sooner or later he will get sick of it, but for now, he still of an age, where it's cool to hear it from dad.

Our kids are faced with challanges like we never saw at such young ages. If life is about choices, I hope when Hudson is faced with those tough ones, he chooses to fish.


Mike said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences with Hudson. You are an example to both Hudson and other fathers. I hope my son takes to fishing like your's. But either way, all boys love bugs and dirt.

Bernard Yin said...

Really nicely said. You are blessed and looks like good times are being had and will be had. Dancing around in a stream is really all we can ever ask for eh? High five.