Monday, May 18, 2009

Me, T, and the Copper B

So the WIFFLE and I ventured out for a day without the kidoes this weekend. Destination- meadow stream pictured above. I love fishing with T. We always find away to make our little trips into an adventure. This year has been great so far, and Tara is making more and more of my little escapes from the confined corporate walls that imprison the old sole.

As we park alongside fifteen pickups in the little dirt parking lot marking the trail head, we both giggle at the thought of so many folks on one tiny stream. I guess, for most, you would expect a shutter of resentment towards the number of people we had to share the stream with. If you've read any of the other garbage, I try and pass off as writing, you may recall hiking, lots and lots of hiking. The giggle is our private joke between Tara and myself. The punch line is found less than a mile from the parking lot.

Nothing but a couple miles of solitude between us, meadow stream and fish. Never underestimate the average anglers inability to hike more than a mile.

With in casts we had found what others looked for. A rare treasure only catch able in the desert. Ironic, but true. You must come to a desert to catch an Apache Trout. In my mind volumes could be written about the sheer beauty of one of these little slabs of gold, but I will spare you. My difficulties with the English language would only be highlighted if I attempted to do this fish justice with description. I will let your eyes do the walking and leave it at that.

After a couple scratches we decided to find a shady spot. Par-take in a couple of America's finest and catch a nap out of the midday sun.

With in an hour my fuzzy eyes cleared enough to see upstream rises, like crack to well....junkie... I couldn't resist. ** Side note** I think I'm going to make irony the theme here, it seems so convenient, popping up all the time** Okay the irony of day was the only fly box I remembered to grab was full of my friend's pattern the Copper-Bob. So I had a box full of sub-surface weighted nymphs to cast at rising fish.
Cast,Cast,Strip-Strip... and tight, here we go fish on. Nicely done Bob, this fly is money.

Stay tuned; more of this little adventure to come, skinny dipping, underwater photos of one of the rarest fish in the world and a bit of home.


mike doughty said...

nice read and gorgeous trout. almost look like cutts

flynbird said...

Great post! Sweet little stream you got there. I would love a day out with the little lady and no kids. You are a lucky guy.

Hansy said...

Really enjoying the commentary and lovely photos....

Look me up...down here in New Zealand!!



Hansy said...

Really enjoying your blog mate!
Check out mine if you have time....


Pete(New Zealand)

BG said...

Oh man, those fish are so purdy!

Aaron said...

Thanks guys. Hansy I ever make it over there I sure will look you up. I will check your blog out tonight. Just got back from East Cape. On my way out agian to fish Tiger Musky.