Thursday, May 28, 2009


Instead of mucking this one up with my garble, I will let the pictures do the typing. Watch the story unfold, and I will punch a few words into the old keyboard later on next week. I'm off to fish Musky. Until then.



kdiddyb said...

I may be going to cabo san lucas at the end of june. Is this where you guys were at? I really dig the picks. I'd love to do some surf fishing for some roosters. Any tips on flies to be tying to get ready and what to look for to catch these guys? Looks like a great time.

CoreyK said...

That rooster in the surf is sooooo money!

Anonymous said...

Aaron dont give it up for the love of god ! At least post pics ! Your work is amazing and gives us teenagers stuff to shoot for ! I mean hell I cant type or wrtie check my losuy blog and you will see that but keep at it please Im begging you.