Thursday, July 16, 2009

Driggs, ID

Got back late yesterday from fishing with the boys at WorldCast. I leave in an hour here for East Cape, so will just drop a few pics and tell the story upon return. Here is the nut: Belay oursevles and boats over a 1000 foot cliff into class three and four rapids to catch Snake River and Yellowstone Cutts. More story and shots when I return. 90 gigs were shot!

More when I get back guys.


Brandon said...

Those pics are UNREAL! I love the bow on the streamer - with the focus like that it makes it look very cool! I always love your pics! Keep up the good work!

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Awesome images,looking forward to see in more.

jabberwock said...

Got to love that canyon stretch..... hardly anyone ever goes through that area. Between the big rapids for boats and the rattlesnakes for the hike in fishers, it keeps the crowds out.

mike doughty said...

my buddy lives in driggs and was guiding there last year. looks like the place where he used to put his boat in. the spring creek lookin water looks like the teton where we fished it

erdo said...

sweet blog!

David said...

You mean you lowered the boats without the anglers in them? Inefficient.

but fabulous still.


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