Monday, July 20, 2009

Recap of the Last Week

Well folks the last seven or so days have flown by. We started off by flying into Salt Lake City to meet a fishing companion. We then proceeded to drive to Driggs Idaho and fish below the Tetons. Dropping ourselves and boats over a thousand foot canyon to fish the Teton river along with fishing the South Fork of the Snake.

Fished, photoged, and drank with less then ten hours of rack time for four days. Made a beeline back to SLC to catch a flight home for twenty-four hours then headed off to East Cape in chase of the fish that now haunts my dreams-the Rooster.

The following is an attempt to wrap the two stories into one long photo essay illustrating what are now memories. Memories I will not soon forget; one of the best runs this year. From Arizona to Idaho, then Mexico and back another chapter closed.

The Teton River's Canyon section is one serious remote and beautiful spot. The entire river is threatened currently by a movement to dam up the river creating a reserve water system for the immediate Jackson Area. If that happens all of what you will see in these photos will be gone. TU along with WorldCast anglers is leading the charge against the damming of the river, however it is another battle, of many, over water in the Southwest.

After belaying down to the bottom we fished cutthroats and ran rapids until it was too dark to see. Both Snake River and Yellowstone Cutts were caught on big bushy dries all day long. It was, in a word, unbelievably-good.

The next day we fished Drakes & Streamers on the lower sections of Teton River. The appearance of the water was more of a spring creek then the cliffed in big water rapids fished the day earlier. Rainbows, brook, and cuttthroat were caught under cloud cover this day providing excellent fishing and scenery for a lazy row through grassy fields.

I rowed with Jim Lampross, my new friend from WorldCast while Doug went with Steve and Mike. Trigger, Mike's dog, hopped a ride with us as well. I have to pause for a moment here and provide a public service announcement for WorldCast. It's fair to say I find myself on the water more than most. Not trying to sound all big headed or snobbish here, only set the bar a little bit to help frame up what the next few statements. In the fly fishing community I'm pretty much nobody. It is what it is, but the guys at WorldCast treated me like I was somebody for a couple days. At first I thought it was maybe they didn't know, and maybe my friend Steve who had hooked all this up had built me up to be something more than I am. However, after a couple days it became clear they knew that I was pretty much no big deal, but they were so cool that is just how they are. They're a bunch of die-hard angler/outfitters with kind souls. I can't stress this enough to you guys, they're really good dudes. I think in the hundreds of trips I've been on with outfitters this crew was the most well rounded and respectful bunch of hosts I've ever met. I just installed this analytics program on this site and there are only about a 1000 folks visiting a week or so. So I don't know if this will really reach anyone, but I will say it anyways. If you head to Idaho and are in the area of the Tetons or want to book a destination trip check these guys out. Not only can they fish, they will leave you wanting more.
WorldCast Website

More to come on Baja East Cape Action here are a couple Teaser Shots.

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kolobflyfishing said...

I was just down fishing for Roosters last month. It was my first time and truly amazing. I can't wait to get back. Great pics.