Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TU's Trout Mag; Sleeping in the Dirt's First Cover

Check it out if you get time. My buddy Nick (Tony's Bro) who has graced the pages of S.I.D here a bunch of times got the cover from our Pyramid Trip this spring.



K2 said...

How IRONIC Dude!!!

I just got my TU issue today and saw the cover, I was just about to post a topic on IA and ask where and better yet why do they fish on ladders??? No need to do that now I can just ask the guy who took the pic!! Where and why??

Congrats on such a distinguished shot/publication!!

Aaron said...

Pyramid Lake, sorry Kalvin. Didn't see this hit. Roving pods of fish are 1-300 feet off the shore.