Tuesday, September 29, 2009

McCloud From the Clan McCloud

So a friend sent me a note on Thursday, asking what I was doing Friday. I booked a flight before I responded. Replying to my buddy via email, "Chris, fishing with you."

The plan was to hit the Pit River north of San Fran. Things didn't all fall out according to plan, but as usual, that was just fine by me. I hadn't fished with Chris before, but by the end of the trip I felt like we had been friends for years.
I won't put too much detail out other than to say a few iside jokes between friend. I think there is an article in the making here and don't want to spoil all the good parts.

1. All things lead back to Bob.
2. Emailing Justin to get advice, leads you back to the guy standing in front of you at the FLY SHOP in Redding. Literaly.
3. I think I may have again crossed paths with Brian O not even knowing I did. It's like the fith time this year.
4. There can be only one.

5. "Them are Redbands, I don't care who you are."

6. The adventure is where you take it. The making will happen for you.
7. For Chris: My air matress had many holes in it, but the brand new jet boil broke after the first cook.

I'm sure I could find more to blabber on about, but it's pretty much senseless nonesense. Thanks Chris. I sincerley hope we have many more adenvnutres in our future.

On a side note: Back home tomorrow night. On the Muskie Trail again.

PS - You guys want to see some SID somewhere else? Check out Trout Mag this month, got a little love from TU. Outside that pretty much nobody wants my stuff. So I will continue to collect it for mass release in our own mag coming out Jan 1.


Fifty pages of you guessed it: Sleeping in the dirt. Staring many of you.

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Kyle said...

Looks grat man. I am excited to get a copy. How will we go about getting one? I think i'll recognize the Utah waters. ;)