Monday, September 28, 2009

Update: Been out for a bit.

Sorry been out for a bit. Here is the deal: San Juan River with Tara, McCloud River with Christoff, and a special little surpise announcement for later.

One San Juan River. Tara with nice bow.

Praying in Waders

Another nice bow.

And another nice bow, my wife's biggest to date.


Alex Landeen said...

sweetness. Congrats to your wife!

Timbo said...

Take off the hat next time you go to church to pray in fishing gear.

mike doughty said...

i cut my teeth on the san juan. wonderful river. congrats on the big 'bows'

Aaron said...

Alex thanks man. Let me know when you're coming up to fish.

Timbo - you're right. I think god has a pretty good sense of humor though. At least I'm hoping so after we dunked our hoppers in the holly water.

Mike - Great river. It's a place everyone should see.