Monday, January 18, 2010

Back in Action

So first off, sincerely sorry for not being online here. Building your own rag is more work then I ever thought. Looks like we're going to make 1.31 release date. We have a couple folks who have text to turn in yet with their photo essays, but 95% is complete.

Let's do a brief recap of the last 45 days: Stuck in photo-shop-hell attempting to build pages, layouts and font sets.
Here is the Cover of Issue 1

What is included: Lee's Ferry by Corey K, Sight fishing Tarpon by Brett Colvin, Some Fish Parts from across the pond, by AV, Chrome by Steve R, Giant Bull Trout, Rooster Fish, and more.... much much more.... If you live it, you will get it. That's all I'm saying.

Our Motto is, "No Advertisement, No Sponsors, No Limits... No shit."

Outside that just got back from a Mearns hunt with the big O. Will post follow up on that. So a hundred plus stickers went out: would love to see shots of anyone who has got them and put them into use somewhere.

Hope all is well.



Charles R. Craumer said...

how do i get a sticker???

Savlen said...

Looking forward to seeing it man, where can I get it?

Tim A said...

Looks like it's going to be stellar AO! Same question as above, how do I get a copy?