Tuesday, February 2, 2010

110,000 Hits 24 hours

So, I hope this means folks are liking what is there. I checked this morning and there were over 90k hits yesterday, so in total we have had 110,000 hits to the site looking at the mag. Lot's of things to do better next time I have a whole laundry list of improvements that need to be made. We found a couple spelling errors, despite five sets of eyes other than mine, as well as a template loaded with the wrong font sets on three articles. Outside of that the overall feedback has been really positive. I'm sorry if I haven't answered all your emails yet, my personal inbox blew-up to over 1000 emails yesterday, many of them from folks in other countries.

So I have a couple questions for folks in order to help shape issue two:

1. Does the format work okay for people? We're limited on the software's functionality, but there is some room for modification.
2. Is there anything from a content perspective that wasn't their they would like to see?

Issue Two is already underway. We hope to make it much cleaner than our first issue, but it's a learning process so I wouldn't expect all the bugs to be out by round two.

I'm off to CO this weekend for some long over due time on the water. I will check back in next week and see what folks thought for feedback on the questions.




Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed looking through the mag yesterday. The table of contents was difficult to read due to the font, but the pictures throughout the magazine were wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to put this together, I'm looking forward to your next issue. Oh... don't waste too much time drifting nymphs while you're in Colorado... Streamers are where it's at this time of year for big fish.

Benny said...

Format looks and works great Aaron. Sick photos from all the contributors for sure.

A Golden trout article would be cool to see in the future.

Keep up the awesome job!

jabberwock said...

very nicely done!

Is there any way to purchase a nice glossy physical copy of Vol 1?


Aaron said...

Thanks guys. Golden Trout sounds awesome!

Kevin, I can send you the pdf if you like, other than that I don't really have a process in place to get it printed. Happy to send you the files though, just need to put it on a dvd for you. Let me run it by the other contributors and ask if they're okay with that first - then I can get back to you. ao

Rebecca said...

Thats a fantastic hit count! Well done ~
As for a request on content, I have one and will pull my fergie look alike priority you mentioned recently if I have too...Photography. There are some of us out here who get how to fish, where to fish etc....however, no matter how many photographs we take, they never, ever look like the ones in magazines, your online magazine or the ones on your site here. Please tell me you all don't drag around a professional photographer on every trip to the local river and beyond. I skim my monthly fly fishing mags looking for the golden secrets regular people, with a regular camera budgets can use to capture amazing pictures. If you could throw in the secrets of 'how to hypnotize' or trick trout into a submissive state of mind during a river side photo shoot (without killing them)that would be a bonus.
Just an idea! Have a great week on the water, you deserve it

Aaron said...

Benny- Would love to get into some of the WY Goldens. Last Fly Fisherman ran a piece on them. That would be a trip. Fergie the trick is to take one picture at a time, in-between clicks are dips for the fish back into the water.

You can do a ton with point and clicks. Three things I would do to take better photos with any camera are: Fill the frame, use the rule of thirds, and know your subject. The last one is vague: better said- what are you trying to get a picture of? Have a purpose in mind and shift your postion in relation to the subject to best bring out that purpose in your finished image.


jabberwock said...

thanks for the offer for the PDFs but it is really not necessary. I have no way of printing glossies either, but I figured Vol. 1 would have looked nice on my coffee table.

200,000 hits! (Might be time to add one google add to the blog ;) ) Congratulations. Ignore the haters. As one who often fishes with my little guys in tow I love seeing the shots and stories of you and your son.

Keep up the good work.