Thursday, February 4, 2010

200,000 Hits and still going!

Okay not sure I ever expected this, but as of 5am this morning we had 201,000 hits to the magazine-issue one. Thank you. Granted my mother was 199k, but for the 1000 or so others - we all sincerely appreciate it. I'm getting asked a lot about some of the folks who were in the magazine. I will follow up later this month with a little profile on each of the players and what they do. Lot's of good people who could use your support in the fishing industry. Our friend Bob maybe the most talented outdoor sporting artist out there doing it right now. You can see is work everywhere. He's gifted, humble, and a friend. Give his website a look at Whitefish Studios. For a taste just open Fly Rod and Reel, his paintings have been gracing the last page for a long time now and illustrate the most talented fly fishing writer ever to live on a monthly basis.
Bob's link can be found on the right column in the link section. He deserves the support.

Outside that, lot's of feedback to fix fonts in issue two. Will do. We also got asked to add some of the photo settings to the pages that were used to capture the images. There were a couple of spelling errors, and grammer challenges as well. For those of you who pointed them out thank you, we appreciate the free editing.

Another worthy mention was Musky Country Outfitters, run by my buddy Brad. He makes his life as a guide for Musky on the Fly. If you get a chance drop him a note, or check out his site.
He's good people and is fishy as hell.

I'm off to fish the Pan and the Blue for a few days, a long deserved break from real life. I already miss my kids, even though I leave tomorrow.

Metting SID crew Church & Lucky for a little streamer throwing action. I hope to find me again for a bit, before coming back to the six by six cubed existence called Corporate America. I'm lucky to have a good team who will cover for me a few days while the boss is gone. I will think of them while I'm out, but wish I didn't.

My ritual before I leave every trip is to breath Hudson's hair deep. I think each time, "smell it for the first time" incase it's the last. Maybe a father shouldn't think such things, but it's hard not to. He is everything good in me.

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