Monday, March 15, 2010

The Office Messing up my Fishing

Rough day at the office. Got the worst year end review I've had in ten years. Ironic part is I've never worked so much and fished so little. Morale of this story folks: go fish. I can get poor reviews on 40 hours a week not 70. You make choices in life, we all do. I don't have much of a choice when it comes to work, I think I may be hard wired to commit 150%, but I chose consciously this last round to turn this team around I adopted. And buy all accounts we are kicking some serious ass in that department. Politics however, well they suck guys. Never been good at playing them, right now I'm the one getting played. Morale of the story part two: "make the right choices for the right reasons." I keep telling my team that. I'm sure they're sick of hearing me preach on what they can affect versus what the can let effect them. "Words and Actions my friends." Best BS detector ever invented. When they conflict you should hear "PING". Pretty ugly snake-oil being sold around my neck of the woods. I actually got the speech, "You should be our spy" by my boss. Instructing me to report on my business partners strategy in the future. The implication was that would help my career. You have to be F-n kidding me. Sorry for the kids here didn't spell it out. Anyways, morale: Go Fish. Life is too short to not take the ones you love to the water and just spend time. I'm taking H fishing as soon as I get back from some shammy-training so six months from now I can be transferred under the guise I'm the only one trained.


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This is the whole reason i gave it up, went to trade school and where I was miserable with the laughable term "director'' in my job title I now answer to 'happy plumber'. Seriously dude life is to long to do a job that sucks, a day is too long.