Friday, March 19, 2010

Was out and about on work related trip-couple shots

So was in SF on work. Got sick-r-dan-shiz. Not much fun to be out of town and ill. Long story short I sucked down redbull, five-hour energy, and day quill for three days straight. At night I had to entertain business. Not something I generally mind, however when you're coughing yellow flem by the gallon, not a ton of fun.

Last night I got a minute or six to take the rental out to the Golden Gate Bridge. Couple snaps from the trip. Home now. Working on issue Dos of SID. Just saying, bar-all the format, spelling, and general bad publishing skillz by yours truly: this one is looking "SICK".

We wrang in strong thanks to the folks reading this post, "YES YOU", on the first run. Hoping my mom doesn't have to hit reload on her browser a couple hundred thousand times on Two to make me feel good about hits. Non-the-less wanted to say, folks are contributing for free. So if you see something you like, please check their site, mag, or info out. Not saying this to try and sell you anything, sincerely just doing the right thing. If you like what you see, check out their digs. I think the folks who are contributing have some serious skillz, hopefully you will too.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot!

Casey said...

Nice! I'm moving there in May.