Friday, November 5, 2010

Just What the Dr. Ordered

So I'm supposed to be taking it easy right now.  I had plans to go visit some new friends in Cali for a really good cause.  However, without getting into it, life - or my life- got in the way.    The Doc says, "No Casting."   I agree, because some stuff still need to be figured out.  Bummed out, because there was a couple guys I wanted to fish with pretty bad.  Fishy guys, good guys, the kind of guys who know SID.

Long story short, the Doc said nothing about lifting my lens close to my house.  He said no travel, and no casting a long rod... jokingly I thought, "How will I pee?"  LOL.

Let's round this one out.  Instead of catching a $632.33 flight I had bought to go fish, I met some buddies while I waited for a certain phone call.  My buddies happen to be doing something I love: Shooting Birds.  Won't hold you in suspense, got the call,  I'm good to go as soon as some healing takes place.  

Roll the footage:


net500cg said...

Hei Aaron .. nice pix, but if you want comments - don't block the form. Not everyone will take the time to pull up a txt-editor and write out the comment. I'm just nuts. So go figure. ". )

Hope the 'resting' is nothing truly serious. !!!

Take care and keep taking pix. Not bad.

(aka, O'fieldstream)

Jazz said...

Very nice photos you take!

Tapani / Jazz & Fly Fishing