Friday, November 26, 2010

SID Update

So many things going on, so little time.  If you haven't seen the latest Fly Fisherman we've got a couple Musky shots in the feature article we're proud of.  Thanks FF for spreading the SID lifestyle around. Looks like Fly Fish Journal might have picked up a couple images too this next run, pretty cool. 

First real update, SID 5 will be out by XMAS. We have a bunch of really great content this run, looking forward to having another issue behind us.    Haven't been fishing. Shoulder needed a bit of attention from a medical professional, that is now good to go.. hopefully.  

Looking forward to a couple days in the deer stand here shortly after we get back from Hawaii.  (Maybe look around a bit for a Bone or two while I'm living Island XMAS life.  We'll see!) I love to hunt end of season.  Most guys have left the woods, and animals start acting like.. animals again.  We will most likely shoot a late season deer tag fill in the snow, pictures to follow. 

My friends at Match The Hatch have been keeping me busy with articles on the Southwest for 2011.  On top of the 2011 SID filled SWFF you will see our AK adventure in FR&R, a Cheap trips guide in FF, and our images popping up all places in-between.  The Big O has picked a number of our trips for their 2011 catalogs - you will be pleased to see lots of "you" in their upcoming mailings. 

Amongst the images TU picked up for 2011 was Hudson for (I think) the month of July- could be August, can't remember.   

I got asked to do an interview with Outdoor Life a week ago or so that was pretty cool.  It's hard to not look at all these opportunities and feel pretty lucky. There are so many better photographers out there, and pretty much everyone is better writer, I just can't believe the publications keep asking for more.  Very, very blown away that we're still getting requests, feel like the curtain has to fall and someone will step out and say, "Psych" at any moment.   Outdoor Life Interviews Aaron Otto.

Looks like the guys over at Bloodknot are going to highlight our little blog here next issue.  That should be neat.  They have a pretty cool mag you should check out if you get time.  I dig the content and actually take the time to read it.  Most of my print mags, I just chuck after previewing for images or articles that stand out.  Cool thing they've got going on.  Was a bit surprised they asked to put our blog in it, but flattered none-the-less.  I haven't had much personal exposure to the guys over there, but they seem like good doods- check it out. 

We didn't get to float the new boat this season, really bummed there.  Tried three times, but the freezing rain killed our season.  It will sit in our garage all winter and be worked on. I have some big modification ideas, we will see. Plan on shooting the entire winter's work.

Dec will be mostly deer hunting, pheasants, and an ice-trip or two.  We will be headed to fish the Pan this Jan again, and the Keys for an off season Tarpon run.  Feb, nothing planned for real at the moment, but March will take a group of us back to Pyramid Lake, then April to Argentina for Clear Water Golden Dorado in small streams.  May is back to the Baja to chase roosters with the same old crowd, good people for sure. 

Looks like more tying and planning in the near future, less fishing.  Hmmmmm.......

Read a quote by Hemingway the other night, one I hadn't seen before, but was so spot on that I have to use it, "Somebody just back of you while you are fishing is as bad as someone looking over your shoulder while you write a letter to your girl."  -Ernest Hemingway

I've been reading back issues of Hatch magazine lately, I really like this one.  Seems like I refer back to it at least a few times per year when I'm looking for something different to read. I love their covers.  I want to shoot a cover for them of a fly steaming in the sun. I think that would be too cool.

I used to read the Drake the most, but I'm relating to it less lately.  I'm starting to get the feeling it's a magazines just for guides, although Tom's sense of humor is hilarious, some of the other stuff isn't really connecting with me now.  Maybe I'm just old.  Photography still is spot on though, the creative eye for that rag is unreal.  I have a hard time when through with the latest issue: do I shoot or fish?

Got a couple Hatch reels recently, going to put them through the ringer.. will report later on this next year how they stand up.  I'm looking to buy some Sharkskin to spool them up with. I know folks give it a bad wrap for sound, but dang you can toss that line a country mile! Besides I got a buddy back working there at SA again, you have to support that.  Sorry Rio, changing out lines to SA. 

I got a hold of my very first SAGE Bass Rod a month ago or so.  Casted their proto-type PMP rod too.  This one is putting me in a bad spot.  I have another buddy who works for the Big O and really has taken care of me, and he doesn't have to.  Companies like Orvis and Patagonia have real photographers and much better anglers than me lining up to get their business.  I love the Helios, maybe the greatest rod I've ever casted, but for fishing Musky and Bass, throwing big, big flies this BASS line by SAGE is pretty tough to beat. can you throw line with a short rod, and it casts all day.  Sage doesn't give me a discount, and has never sent me a thing besides increasing repair bills for tips snapped off: So this is about as honest as you can get, If you're throwing after Musky you really need to keep your eye on their series.  It will save your shoulder and arm.

In closing there were a couple folks we lost here recently, people who made a difference for many of us. 

I've never asked anything I guess for folks to do other than just read along, but tonight I would really like to think there are few folks tipping one back for Rich and Tom.  A silent toast given between wraps of your favorite bug would be a act worthy of reaching them above.

Tom the Midwest will never be the same, "Here's to you."

Rich, "When I see you, you know what we're doing. You can cast first, I'm taking your picture." 

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Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Hey Aaron,
It was your photography that kept me coming back all those months ago when you were wondering whether to keep on with SID. I'm glad you stayed around because you portray the sport in the way it should be shown.